Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Skin camps!

There are 2 of them that I go to, the real names are USEB camp and Camp Wonder but I just tell my friends it is skin camp so they know that I am not talking about scout camp. Camp wonder is ran by it is in California and it is free to me, I like the guys that stay in my cabin and the doctors too. I get to swim and play ping pong and swim and go to professional baseball games. My mom gets to hang out with the other eb Zachs mom and they hang out at the hotel and in San Francisco. Last year they paid someone to paint their toe nails. I love the counselors and they even have prom night. It rocks seriously. The next is USEB camp in Park City Utah, it is all run by adults with EB. I learned how to play the drums this year and I got to ride the coolest bikes. My mom is too tired to put up any pictures but tomorrow you will see how awesome they are when my mom finally puts the picture of camp up. We were too busy today because we had our school Halloween party and night time carnival. Plus I got to rent a movie!


Jed & Mary Neilson said...

Zach, Becca got to go to camp with you this year and it was an awesome experience. We are all so proud of you! We are happy to have you in our family. You are once special boy!

Linda said...

Hi Zack: It is so cool that you have 2 camps that you can go to. I bet you have loads of fun. You are one lucky dude.
Hope you have a great Halloween. Be careful but have fun. Love Leah's Nana