Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeling better

Thanks so much for the prayers. I haven't had bad mouth sores for a couple of days. My feet are still hurting alot. But I still have had some fun this week. First of all my Mom is letting me stay up late so I can update my blog, but my sister had to go to bed early. I went bowling with my family instead of going to the hot parade on the 24th. I got to have a water fight and run through sprinklers with my sister and friends. Pray for Ethan he is not feeling good and hasn't been able to play with me for 2 weeks.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have a favor to ask.

This sweet boy is in need of a few prayers. Zack has really been struggling with large wounds on his gums for a few weeks. He also literally sneezed off the roof of his mouth 10 days ago. These types of wounds are very painful for him, we are using 3 types of pain medicine and he is finding little relief. Even with pain medicine it is hard for him to talk, drink or eat. Proper oral care is rough on Zack because his mouth is small on days when he has no wounds, but caring for his mouth with so many wounds is near impossible. The dirtier his mouth is the longer it takes for his wounds in there to heal, so it is just a rough cycle that he is in right now. He is having a surgical procedure called an esophageal dilatation August 13 and he really needs to have his mouth in good shape by then. He is such a strong boy and deals with so much on a daily basis, that often goes unnoticed by others. He works so hard at home on summer school and chores and entertaining his sister, and he works even harder to just be a regular little boy. It is hard to see him hurt so much. Before he went to bed tonight his sweet sister said a prayer for him and it just hit me that he needed more of them. So if you could offer a prayer or two in his behalf I would be very grateful. And maybe you could also include my cell phone, dryer and dishwasher:}

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Rocks

I loved going to camp, all of the doctors and counselors rocked! I got to go to an Oakland A's game, play pool, swim, dance on stage at a concert, go to a carnival and wear cologne. One of my favorite doctors was Dr. Tom, he made me a lanyard and was so nice to me. I want to go next year.

I have been really busy this summer, I have already read over 1000 pages! Tomorrow we get to go to the library and get some more books.

I got to go to a parade and get lots of candy. My aunt Caroline was in the parade for her work and she saw me and ran back and gave me a giant handful of candy, it was my favorite part of the parade.

I think this is my best summer ever, my sister plays a lot with me if my friends can't or if it is too hot for me to go outside. Today I painted my moms fingernails and tomorrow I get to go swimming at Grandma Faye's.