Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My glasses

2 days ago my Dad was telling me how awesome it was that I never broke my toys or ruined a pair of clothes. Well my glasses accidently got ran over by the car yesterday, I guess things just kind of even out.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The great pumpkin

At the beginning of October I went with my family to a really great pumpkin patch.
We go every year. Mrs. Pack was my 504 helper in kindergarten and first grade and her family owns the patch. We took our dvd player and watched the Charlie Brown movie about the Great pumpkin.

It was awesome, then we bought a few pumpkins and some squash and went home. I didn't really think much about the great pumpkin after that until last night. We heard our door bell ring and when we went outside we found THE GREAT PUMPKIN on our porch. It was carved and lit and everything!

I think he came to our house because we watched his movie in a real patch.

I am so glad we did not watch a movie about a ghost or vampire in the field.