Thursday, October 16, 2008

How I lost my tooth

My toothe was VERY wiggly, I could breath hard and it would move. It would wiggle from side to side.

My Aunt Felicia knows alot about wiggly teeth because she has a boy that is 9 who has lost lots of teeth and a girl who is 6 that has lost lots of teeth. She took one look at my tooth and said "it is ready!" But me and my mom were too scared, so she said after kindergarten she was coming over and pulling out my tooth.
First she tried with a tissue, but it didn't work, then she tried with out a tissue and it was too slippery.

Then I got really nervous and needed a break. But Felicia was determined and it really needed to come out because I was having a surgery on my throught again and I didn't want it to get knocked out and lost. I really wanted a tooth for the tooth fairy.

I got really brave again and Felicia tried again, then my mom tried, then Felicia tried again, and then all of a sudden I had to lean forward and it just came out!!!

The tooth fairy came and brought me a dollar and a shiney quarter and some of my favorite books! I was soo lucky. My Grandma Troop asked me what I got and I told her and then I told her that the tooth fairy when my dad was little was stupid and cheep and only left quarters. (nice)