Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For a moment we forgot!

After volunteering at school I was standing in the parking lot talking with my sister and a few good friends. We were laughing about funny things and funny people when a Mom that I had never met before joined our group. She looked my way and said "oh my goodness what happened?" Zack was standing by me and she was referring to him, but it didn't register that she was talking about Zack. In fact it didn't register to anyone that she was referring to Zack. It was funny, all the other moms looked pass Zack and we were all looking around to see what "had happened". It took a minute for any of us to realize that she was asking about Zack and his wraps. We had forgot for a moment that Zack had EB. It was just kind of a cool moment.

I am thankful that there are people in our life that look past Zack's eb and see how amazing he is, he works hard to do so well in school. So many people that are just getting to know Zack through school have commented lately on just how hard he tries and how he doesn't give up when things are a little bit more difficult for him. A good friend and neighbor who has had Zack over to play at her house often says she forgets all the time that there is anything different about Zack. It is fun to see people get excited over Zack's accomplishments.

Sadly there are a few very ugly people in our lives who are not so happy when things go well for Zack, it is kind of a sad thing to have witnessed. The ugly people that we know are ADULTS! Kids have been so kind and so great to him, but we have seen some adults see Zack as maybe being week, and they take it as an opportunity to attack! It has really been an eye opener. Granted the people that have taken this stance against our family are people who are obviously miserable about their own situations, and those people are few and far between.(I had to get that off my chest)

Back to something fun, we had a great dinner tonight, I think it will be a new tradition. I surprised my kids with the "Halloween cereal". You know, the Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Franken Berry. My cute kids were so thrilled to think that they could not only have cereal for dinner, but the cereal that they beg for every time we see it at the store. (I did make sure that they both got a multivitamin AND a vitamin c) At one point they were kissing the boxes. It was so fun to have something so simple make them so happy. Have I mentioned that I have great kids? They really are awesome. We had a great night doing something so simple and the more I thought about it the more I realize just how little a role eb plays in our life. Don't get me wrong, we spend hours everyday going through the routines of caring for Zack's health, but we really have a ton of eb free, happy, great moments. Moments that I would have never thought possible when Zack was an infant. The first year of Zack's life was the hardest year of my life. I was so thankful for him, but also worn out, sleep deprived, and sick with worry about the future might hold for him. I wish I could pass on that great feeling to every parent who is handed their eb child for the first time, that even though there child has something that will forever change the course of your family, that there will be moments that make everything worth it. So for those who have stuck by our sides through this thank you! I hope you feel the reward of knowing that you have played a huge part it creating these eb free moments.


Anonymous said...

You are an awesome Mom. I watch you from afar and am so impressed with all that you do.

The Swains said...

Oh fun, we love Halloween! Its gross to think ADULTS can be so ugly. You just have to feel compassion for them. Their lives are probably far worse that it appears on the outside! Just stay happy and fun and remember what a wonderful family you have and what a wonderful mother and person you are! Don't get sucked in to their misery! We love you guys so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Yum... are there any leftovers?

Dana Z.

Anonymous said...

OK...I saw count chocula and franken berry at you have convinced me i must buy some. Halloween tradition! Don't worry KaDee I'll take a multi-vitamin afterwards! ;-)