Friday, March 6, 2009

A sweet little story

Zack shared a really sweet story with me tonite while we were doing wound care and I just wanted to write it down for him. He is excited to print out his blog and make a book so he his trying really hard to post more, he wants to post something everyday but his little fingers can only type so fast and he asks alot how to spell things (and he is really asking the wrong person) so my patience tends to run thin with the whole blog posting thing.

But back to the story, well actually before I start the story I just want to mention that Zack and I have become very thankful for the time we get to spend together while I do wound care, or check his wraps as he calls it. The other day he said "I actually don't mind getting my wraps checked, I kind of like it so we can sit by other". He is very sweet.

Ok now here is the story which is very short in comparison to what I have typed. He was leaning on me as I was helping him take off his shorts, which is what I thinked triggered the memory.

Zack: "You know the other day when I had class pictures taken?"
Me: "yes" (in a kind of worried voice because I know Zack and his kind of naughty sence of humor)
Zack: "Well my knee was hurting"
Me:"Oh hunny I am so sorry, you know you can tell Mrs. Pack to call me and I will get you medecine" (in a sad, but releaved that is was not a confesion that he was working on voice.)
Zack: "Well it was ok because Grace saw that I was hurting and she said you can lean on me so I did and I felt better."
Me: "That was very nice of her" (as I turned my head so I didn't cry)
Zack: "Ya, it was way nice of her because usually she is mean."


Anonymous said...

Aw, that is nice. You'll have to post the picture when you get it back!

Dana Zucha

Catherine said...

Okay, that DID make me cry! Goodness.

Sometimes a friend to "lean" on comes at unexpected times and from very unexpected people. I'm glad someone was there for you when you needed them Zack. I love you!