Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Jammies

My Grandma Angie made me new Car's jammies and I love them. I know I am going to sleep very good tonight because they are so comfy and because I got a 90% on my AR test on a book that was a 4.2 (fourth grade book). I love it when I get A's on tests.


Patrice said...

Hey Zack! Our names are Patrice and Matt Williams, and we just had our baby this past Friday. His name is Jonah, and he has just been diagnosed with EB. He is in the NICU at the hospital and will be for a long time. It will be another two weeks before we know what kind he has, but we just want you to know that we read your blog every day. When everything seems so scary and sad, you are a big hope and inspiration to us. You give us hopes and dreams for Jonah's future, and we are so happy to see you smiling, laughing and playing. We hope so much that Jonah is strong and brave like you, and maybe you can even meet one day! Thanks for being so great!
Matt, Patrice, and Jonah

Catherine said...

Zack, you're awesome! Do you realize how amazing you are? Kindergarten kids at our school can't even take AR tests. Heck, some of the Kindergarten kids can't even write their name yet. :) You are taking the same AR tests that the kids in Jonathan's class are taking. And you're scoring better than most of those kids. Way to go! So what was the book you read? Maybe Jonathan is reading it too!
Love you Handsome!