Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My new eb friend

This is my new little friend Jonah. He has eb too. His mom and dad wrote a nice note to me and I want them to know that I keep saying prayers for Jonah. Sometimes I don't like eb, but I still have lots of friends and lots of fun. I think he will be ok because he has a mom and a dad like I do.


Patrice said...

Thanks Zack! We love your posts - keep them coming!!!

Hoping you'll have a great weekend.

Matt, Patrice, and Jonah

Catherine said...

Zack, you're awesome! I wish everyone could have a friend like you! :)

Seth Plexico said...

Thanks Super Trooper ya know that JESUS didnt make a mistake. He made You exactly how you are because He LOVES YOU so much. I think we should worry about all the people that HE didnt make special like you are?!@# Anyways your the Best love ya lots... uncle P