Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My glasses

2 days ago my Dad was telling me how awesome it was that I never broke my toys or ruined a pair of clothes. Well my glasses accidently got ran over by the car yesterday, I guess things just kind of even out.


Catherine said...

Oh man!

caseymommy said...

ewww..sorry to hear about the glasses..we just had to buy a new pair too after my little sister grabbed Dad's pair off his face and twisted them until they snapped in half..then she jumped off the couch and stepped on the lens crushing it..he looked so funny wearing glasses taped together with duct tape and one lens....hope you get a great new pair...love, casey

Renata & Ryan Hultman said...

We're a family with a new little one with DEB, it's all quite tough, but seeing you and your apparent vitality is wonderful and exciting. We'll follow you eagerly.

Jenna said...

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Tiara said...

This is cool!