Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Rocks

I loved going to camp, all of the doctors and counselors rocked! I got to go to an Oakland A's game, play pool, swim, dance on stage at a concert, go to a carnival and wear cologne. One of my favorite doctors was Dr. Tom, he made me a lanyard and was so nice to me. I want to go next year.

I have been really busy this summer, I have already read over 1000 pages! Tomorrow we get to go to the library and get some more books.

I got to go to a parade and get lots of candy. My aunt Caroline was in the parade for her work and she saw me and ran back and gave me a giant handful of candy, it was my favorite part of the parade.

I think this is my best summer ever, my sister plays a lot with me if my friends can't or if it is too hot for me to go outside. Today I painted my moms fingernails and tomorrow I get to go swimming at Grandma Faye's.


Anonymous said...

haha, super diaper baby :) Weston used to read that too!

Dana Z.

Catherine said...

I feel like we're living at the library lately. We have two libraries that we love to go to and we've been going to both a lot. My kid's can't seem to check books out fast enough. I'm glad you're having such an awesome summer!