Thursday, June 4, 2009

I cant sleep

I am having a hard time sleeping because tomorrow is my last day of kindergarten. I am so happy about it. Kindergarten was fun but next year I get to go to first grade and go to 3 recesses a day and even eat lunch at school!!

A couple fo weeks ago I got to go on a family trip in our camper to Wyoming. It was so fun because lots of my cousins got to go too.


Patrice said...

Good to hear from you Zack! Congratulations on your "graduation" from Kindergarten. I know you will do great in first grade. Jonah says hello! Tell your mom I said Hi.


Catherine said...

I want to go on vacation with your fabulous family! Why wasn't I invited? :)

Simba9960 said...

Yeaaaa Zack! you and Bianca are official 1st Grader! Sounds like your camping trip was FUN! =) Can't wait to see you at the next PCC! It's a year away!!!!!