Friday, September 19, 2008

A story about epidermolysis bullosa and me on BYU weekly

A reporter from BYU came to our house and talked to us about eb, because some guys from BYU road their bikes to California to tell people about EB. They were really nice guys, we saw them in Provo and then the next day they came an biked by house. Here is a link to the story they did about eb.

You have to scroll to near the bottom of the page to where it says additional resources and clic on the week of 9/16/2008. Then click on Faces of BYU riding for eb.

This is not the first time I have been on TV. I was on channel 5 when I was 3 and on channel 13 when I was 4 and last year I was on channel 4. I like seeing myself on the TV.

CopyofDSC_0004-1.jpg picture by kadeetroop

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Simba9960 said...

Cool story! Wow Zack how can I get Bianca to ride her tricycle? She’s terrified of it all of a sudden! She was so happy last year when she got it too! =(

shashank said...

Here is a link to more information about the genetics of Epidermolysis Bullosa that was prepared by our genetic counselor and which has links to some useful resources for those dealing with this condition: There is also a phone number listed if you need to speak to a genetic counselor by phone. I hope it helps. Thanks, AccessDNA